200 HOURS YYTC - LEVEL 1 (Eligibility 10+2)

Utamber's Yoga 200 Hours For those who is looking to establish the strong and thorough foundations of a sustainable yoga practice as well as to the necessary tools for teaching yoga. It is designed for beginners who are new to Yoga and develop the art of teaching, and dive deep into becoming a confident, skillful, and successful yoga teacher.

Our 200 Hours Training Course Includes:

  • Anatomy - A basic knowledge of various body systems
  • Pranayama – the yogic art of breathing.
  • Meditation - the yogic art of meditating.
  • Core Hatha Yoga Asanas - Emphasizes the most on exercise of physical body.
  • Basic Yoga Therapy
  • Communication Skills
  • For Foreigners Students only

  • Day Boarding Only : 7 am to 7 pm
  • Yogic Food Available : Brunch & Only Dinner

Eligibility Criteria

Experience of Yoga and Knowledge is an advantage for Practitioners , But New Comers or Beginners can also apply. It is most important that the applicant have to give its full commitment, hard work , discipline and most important the eagerness to learn. An applicant be in good physical condition.

  • Existing Practitioners who wish to learn in depth into the practice and study of yoga, and who want to teach yoga with new refine skills.
  • Students can also apply but do not want to teach yoga.
  • Enrollments are on a first come first serve basis.

Training Schedule: 6 AM To 10 AM


The UTAMBER Yoga certifications are all approved by Yoga Alliance. Upon successfully passing the yoga training course you will receive a full certificate of completion.

For More Info of Yoga Teachers Please visit www.utamberyoga.com